Magnetic graphics to a car
Magnetic graphics to a van
Magnetic graphics to a car
Magnetic graphics to a van
Vehicle Magnetic Graphics

Magnetic Graphics are an ideal solution if you want the option of removing the graphics at weekends or you have one vehicle for more than one business and you want to be able to brand it depending on which business you are using a vehicle for on a particular day.

We only use a high grade magnetic for our vehicles to ensure they adhere to the vehicle as safely as possible.

Magnetic Graphics can either have solid colour vinyl decals applied to them, or we can print an image onto the graphics if you want an image or logo on them that has gradations of colour or shading.



Magnetic Graphics (or decals) are recommended to only be used on vehicles that are travelling at no greater speed than 60mph - we cannot guarantee that they will be safe above this speed.

Magnetic Graphics have to be removed regularly - we recommend weekly - especially when the vehicle is washed to ensure they don't adhere to the vehicle and either become difficult to remove, or remove the paint with them.

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Price Guide
Magnetics on 2 Car Doors
From: £120 + VAT
Magnetics on side panels and rear panel of a Small Van
From: £250 + VAT
Magnetics on the side panels and rear panels of a large van
From: £300 + VAT

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