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20% Discount
When you Pay in Full on Order

Our suppliers give us a 20% discount when we pay in full when we order materials from them.

So we pass on that 20% discount to you when you pay us in full  to confirm an order too so we all benefit!

You could pay a 50% deposit to confirm an order, but we wouldn't be able to give you the 20% discount - perhaps that's why in 13 years only 1 customer has paid the 50% deposit price (and that was only because it was a charity Committee).

Even the Councils we work with pay in full to confirm an order so they can get the benefit of the 20% discount!

So when you get a quote from us you'll see 2 price options:

  1. The full price that requires a 50% deposit

  2. The price you'll pay if you pay in full on order - which is 20% less than the full price.


We also give you the option to pay by Bank Transfer or using a debit or credit card - we use Paypal for the debit and credit card payments and you don't need a Paypal account to be able to pay that way.

We hope all this makes it much easier and more affordable to get the signs and graphics you need to promote your business or organisation.

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